22 April 2017
Bangor bike ride

Beicio Bangor invites you to a ride - slowly, on fairly level ground, total about two miles - next weekend, Saturday April 22nd. We will meet at Beach Road car park, Bangor, at 10.30 am. We will set off at 11am, and we will attempt to follow the designated bicycle facility, Lôn Adda, to the railway bridge, then return via the High Street - pushing our bikes through the pedestrian zone, the one-way sections, and, probably, some of the sections that are less suitable for cycling. We will stop along the way, and we hope to surprise you with the possibilities for really good routes.

If you need to borrow a bike, we can probably arrange one. If you would prefer to leave the piloting to someone else, we may be able to arrange a back seat on a tandem. Let us know in either case.

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