Better Bangor


Bangor needs better cycle routes


Some headway has been made over the last few years to introduce cycling infrastructure but much of what exists in Bangor does not come up to national cycling standards.

Most of it is shared with pedestrians or motor vehicles - a stressful situation for all  - and it involves cyclists having to stop/start along their journey far more than other travellers.

All too frequently cycle paths are too short to serve any practical purpose, they are usually located on one side of the road only, and they have a habit of ending at very dangerous places (a road narrowing, a junction or a roundabout).

Well-thought-out routes can solve these problems.

We've been around Bangor and have come up with our own suggestions of how to improve Bangor's cycling infrastructure. Check out the links below and let us know what you think: 

Lon Adda

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