Active Travel Act


Working with the Active Travel Act in Gwynedd and Anglesey

The Active Travel Act requires local authorities to—

(a) prepare an integrated network map, and
(b) submit it to the Welsh Ministers for approval, by 24th September 2017.

This map must show:

(a) the new active travel routes and related facilities, 
(b) the improvements of existing active travel routes and related facilities, and
(c) that the local authority considers are needed to develop or enhance an integrated network of active travel routes and related facilities in designated localities in its area.

Beicio Bangor's plans for the safe routes needed to let us get to work, to school, to shops and other services are in the link below. This map was generated for our consultation with Gwynedd Highways Department, and it uses the colours they wanted; green for (mostly) residential areas, red for destination areas, and purple for desirable active travel routes. We have put into these plans our own knowledge, mixed with our understanding of what is required to provide a safe network, and all the feedback that you have given us over the years. Please give us more!


These maps were guided by the Active Travel Act, so they only show routes within and between the larger settlements. We know that many of you live in rural areas and also want safe routes, but for the moment the Act is the main focus of our attention. And we have given no detail of the facilities required. A line on the map could mean anything from a full protected facility four metres wide, to a shared space. The line just means it has to be a safe route to schools, work, shops and so on, and that we are not yet convinced that it is a safe route. The design guidance in the Act, combined with common sense, should be enough to allow real routes to be designed in detail. 


See our draft Active Travel map here.

For futher details on the Active Travel Act, click here



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